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The Development Of Nonwoven Geotextile Fabric

New China's nonwovens industry began in 1958. From the beginning to the rapid rise, China's non-woven fabric industry has gone through more than 50 years. The rapid growth of China's nonwovens industry is attributed to the sustained and rapid growth of China's economy, large-scale infrastructure and the rapid growth of the steel, energy, automotive, transportation and chemical industries as well as the improvement of people's living standard. Since entering the new century, the backbone of non-woven enterprises in technological progress and innovation is even greater efforts, China's non-woven fabric industry, technological innovation capability significantly improved, self-development capabilities have also been significantly improved. Developed a number of applicable non-woven technology and equipment, such as wide carding machine, air-laid machine, 6 meters wide geotextile acupuncture production line, 8 meters wide papermaking carpet acupuncture machine, synthetic leather production line, polypropylene Spinning into production lines, spunlace production lines. With the application of a large number of domestic equipment and the introduction of a large number of advanced production lines put into operation, the application of advanced technologies in China's nonwovens industry is also rapidly expanding. While the market is rapidly expanding, the industries and product mix have become more and more reasonable. A number of nonwovens with an annual output of over 10,000 tons or a production value exceeding 100 million yuan have emerged with a strong ability of innovation, high production intensity and high growth quality. Thirdly, industrial nonwovens products have made remarkable achievements in large-scale engineering applications and public health emergencies protection. In 1998, the nation was able to combat the catastrophic floods. Due to its special structure and performance, the non-woven geotextile can pay special attention to the protection of the bank and the prevention of piping. In 2003 to combat "atypical pneumonia", in 2009 prevention and control "a flow", non-woven materials to produce a variety of surgical suits, protective clothing, masks, patient suits, bed supplies and other effective in blocking the virus, protection of medical staff, staff And prevent cross-infection and other aspects played a great role. Zhu Minru told reporters that from the seventies and eighties of last century, China's non-woven fabric production less than 5,000 tons, to today's production exceeded 1.72 million tons, becoming the world's non-woven fabric producing countries, the non-woven fabric industry is more than 20% annual growth Speed development.After 60 years of founding of New China, looking back on the development of China's non-woven fabric industry, we can clearly find the path of technological innovation in a new industry. Nowadays, China's non-woven materials industry faces many challenges as well as huge opportunities for development. Zhu Minru said that the development of industrial textiles industry should continuously strengthen innovation, rely on science and technology to improve quality, completely change the mode of growth, and make greater contribution to the national economic development and various undertakings.

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